Allwin Konica 512i Printhead



Original Japan Konica 512i printhead for Allwin printer.

  • [ High-image quality inkjet printing ]–with 512nozzles,High resolution of 1200*1200Dpi, enabling the high density required printing and Greatly improved production efficiency.
  • [ Never clog nozzel, keep ink] –The head with unique anti-blocking function to avoid the phenomenon of block nozzels and ink off.
  • [Long life ]– Total made of steel, have a long life of 2-3 years.
  • [ Wide range of ink compatibility ]–1. solvent base and UV base ink.
  • [ Compactable wide of of printer ]–Comapctable with a wide range of Uv printer, such as Allwin ,Meitu, Flora Human, Jhf, Docan, Konica Uv printer.


Article Name konica minolta 512i print head
Max. Resolution 1200*1200dpi
Used for  Allwin C8-512i Plus, C4-512i, E-30, E-500

MeiTu MT-KN3208CI, MT-KN3204CI

XuLi X6-1000, X6-3000

Human Ui-jet, Qi-jet

Others printer Flora, JHF , Docan

Installation Notes:

  • The head is the core part of the printer machine, the printing quality 90% depending on the printer head.
  • Do not do test the head by injecting water or inks. The heads are inkjeted Protective solition.
  • Do not turn the power on immediately upon finish the installation, move the head board around to check first, to avoid crashing the head.
  • Make sure the ink tank has enough water, the wiper blade and ink pump are clean before working.
  • Only the air completely shoot of, the head can work normal. 

Method: Cleaning twice first with head cleaning reslution, cleaning twice again after 30 mins later. 

Original Japan Konica 512i Printhead

Original Japan Konica 512i Printhead

Original Japan Konica 512i Printhead

Original Japan Konica 512i Printhead


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